STAND is an Unincorporated Charitable Organisation. The Committee is put together as trustees containing officers and standard trustees, selected at the Annual General Meeting by its members in accordance with STAND’s constitution.

At STAND’s last Annual General Meeting on 25th June 2018 a new Board of Trustees was elected consisting of:

  • Ron Wilkinson, Chair/Treasurer
  • Vic Wheeldon, Vice Chair/Membership secretary
  • Ruth Creasey, Secretary 
  • Steve Benson, Arctic Corsair Liaison 
  • Dennis Chapman
  • Dave Bennett


The committee are all volunteers and receive no fee for the work they achieve for STAND and the community.

To contact committee members, please email: 

Your email will be delivered to the committee, we will notify you if your query cannot be dealt with immediately, or needs to be brought to the committee table at the next monthly meeting.

The committee are scheduled to meet up once a month to discuss general operations.

Other meetings depending on activities can be held outside of the scheduled monthly meeting.