Lost Trawlermen’s Day

This year STAND’s Annual Lost Trawlermen’s Day Service was  held on Sunday 20th January 2019 at the Memorial site on St. Andrews Quay, Hull. 

The Service commemorated 30 years of STAND and Lost Trawlermen’s Day and, once again was very well supported.

A warm welcome was extended to all by the Chairman of STAND, Ron Wilkinson who also gave an encouraging update on the progress of the Memorial and Garden of Social History Project.

The Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson reflected on 30 years of STAND; poems, readings and prayers

were delivered by Rev. Tony Cotson (St. John the Baptist Church, Newington) and other                                                                                                                                                      

charitable groups and the Bishop of Hull, the Rt. Rev. Alison White gave an address.

Children from Chiltern Street School Choir sang ‘Out from Hull’ and performed well.

There was the traditional Pipe Down by T.S. Iron Duke : Hull Sea Cadets followed by a one minutes silence.

Wreaths were laid at the Memorial and individual flowers were cast.

Thank you to all those who came along to pay their respects to Hull’s Lost Trawlermen and to support the event. 



Photos of Lost Trawlermen’s Day 2019

  The three key speakers were :-

 Ron Wilkinson Chairman of STAND

Rt Hon Alan Johnson

 Bishop of Hull Rt Rev Alison White


    STAND’s wreath

Dedication and blessing of the Memorial and the wreaths. Individual casting of flowers.

The Memorial with wreaths and flowers




In the past the date of the Lost Trawlermen’s Day Service has been flexible which has led to relatives of those lost asking for a fixed date to be established. As the Service always has to be held on a Sunday, the following method has been adopted….  STAND made a request to Kingston upon Hull City Council for Lost Trawlermen’s Day to be accepted onto the Civic Calendar with the Service date to be set as the last Sunday in January annually.

As KHCC and their Events Team are major contributors to the organisation and support of the Service, which includes the provision of a marquee, seating and sound system as well as personnel, they agreed to STAND’s proposal. This process will be initiated on Sunday 26th January 2020.

Coincidentally this will be the date, 65 years ago, when the Hull vessels  ‘Roderigo’ and ‘Lorella’ were tragically lost with all hands off the North Cape of Iceland.