STAND Membership

Our current membership for 2018- 2019 is 81 which includes members from a number of other cities as well as local.

Membership renewal runs from 1st April to 31st March.

Subscription to STAND is:

£3 per annum for an individual membership

£2+£2  per annum for member and spouse/partner

Those wishing to join can request further details by emailing the Membership Secretary: 

STAND’s Constitution requires an Annual General Meeting of membership to take place no later than 30th June annually.

Prior to the Annual General Meeting all members are notified of the date and venue and are invited to attend.

Participation and constructive comment is welcome.

Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Trustees can apply prior to or at the Annual General Meeting.

The term of service on the Board of Trustees is for one year commencing from the date of election at the AGM.