Arctic Corsair

The “Old Lady”continues to attract interest from, not only locals, but visitors from Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand expatriates.

It is very encouraging to the Volunteers, especially when past shipmates, or their families come to re-collect old memories.

Our shore Museum is very popular, particularly to those who require wheelchair access. The displays show the heritage of the Fishermen, their families, and the ancillary industry.

Arctic Corsair:

The maritime attraction Arctic Corsair, Hull’s last side winder trawler berthed on the River Hull, is managed by STAND volunteers in partnership with the owners Kingston upon Hull City Council. The group provide both all year round voluntary maintenance of the Arctic Corsair and seasonal (April to Nov) tour guide personnel for this project, allowing the public to experience how life was onboard a deep sea trawler.

In addition, the Arctic Corsair has an associated shore based Visitor Centre, manned by STAND volunteers, which is an important educational tool visited by local schools, groups, and the general public. The volunteers provide invaluable social history about an industry that was once Hull’s largest employer, and highlights the role the local community played in such a successful trade.

Under the planned ‘Hull: Yorkshire’s Maritime City Project’ the Arctic Corsair will undergo a comprehensive restoration. In addition she will be relocated to a newly prepared dry environment in the North End dry dock which is currently being reclaimed and refurbished. Once relocated, the Arctic Corsair will resume her role as Hull’s premier maritime attraction with a new Visitor Centre. It is hoped that the vessel will be open to the public again in early 2022.