A poem by Raye’s Mum:

Song of the Sea


When I surrender my flesh to dust again,

If my spirit is free to wander where it may

I will walk on the moors, and lift my face to the rain

Young and light, and new born as the day.

And the sea, that in life ever called to me,

Will know me well, for I will make my way,

To where it pounds upon some western shore,

And roam there evermore.

For there is no music in all this world,

That can reach my heart, or ever be

As dear to me, as the sound of waves unfurled.

The mighty, endless, tumbling roar,

Of breakers at the tempest’s height,

Or the gentle lapping on the shore,

In the calm and still of a Summer’s night;

For if there be some heavenly place,

When earthly life shall cease to be,

Surely for souls of an island race,

It must be in sound of the song of the sea.