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St. Andrews Memorial to Lost Trawlermen



The Environment Agency has now completed their work on the flood defence wall along the River Humber front up to where

the site on which the St Andrews Memorial to Lost Trawlermen is located on St. Andrews Retail Park.

In order to allow the EA to carry out their work and with particular regard for health and safety, the focal point figures of trawlermen were temporarily removed and placed in secure storage whilst the flood defence work was completed. The series of photographs shown below explains how the work was carried out. The photos show the figures being removed by a local company, W. Campbells Engineering Ltd and by the construction company, BAM Nuttall. 

When the flood defence work is completed on the site, STAND’s Memorial Project will progress. At this point, the focal point figures will be replaced within an elevated ship’s bow shape at the East end of the design. ** Photos of the ‘bow shape’ can now be seen further down this report.

OCTOBER 2019 – AUGUST 2020




Working on the Flood Defence Wall at the Memorial site


The commissioning of a Memorial to Lost Trawlermen has been difficult and at times fraught with disappointment.

The photographs below show the work undertaken by the Environment Agency to prevent flooding of the Humber Frontage, businesses and residences.

The ‘bow shaped’ wall and stairs were completed in July 2020 so now will begin the process to construct the St Andrews Lost Trawlermen’s Memorial within the scheme; this work being commissioned by STAND.

The figures, removed early October 2019 and placed in temporary storage,will be replaced as part of the final stage of the Memorial Project.

STAND would like to thank KHCC and the Environment Agency for their support, and local businesses and the generosity of the general public who are funding this fitting tribute to those lost to the sea. 


With the pandemic Coronavirus Covid 19 currently sweeping the world including the United Kingdom and restrictions in place, the start – completion period for the construction of the Memorial cannot be determined with any certainty at this time.

23rd October 2019
23rd October 2019

                                    This photo shows the Environment Agency Flood Defence Wall foundations complete

JULY 2020
The Environment Agency complete the ‘bow’ shape of the integrated Flood Defence Wall

August 2020: The Environment Agency fill gravel around the 'bow shape' flood defence wall

August 2020: The Environment Agency fill gravel around the ‘bow shape’ flood defence wall








To all supporters of STAND’s St. Andrews Memorial to Lost Trawlermen Project, we wish to convey positive confirmation regarding progress.

For many months protracted legal negotiations with the landowners of St. Andrews Retail Park (the location of the Memorial site) and Kingston upon Hull City Council have taken place in order to obtain an extended thirty year lease agreement. This has been a difficult time waiting for completion of the lease but STAND can finally and thankfully report that a thirty year lease has now been obtained.

Other delays to the commencement of the Project have also been the essential flood defence work on the Memorial site, undertaken by the Environment Agency, which include features allowing the integration of the Memorial plans.

*There are photos above of the flood defence ‘bow shaped’ wall and exit staircase.

Also, the restrictions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in delays by key people not being able to work at their normal place of work and, although working from home provided some progress, delays were inevitable.

Now this vital stage has been reached, STAND have reached an agreement with local Project Managers, City Care who are in negotiations with Kingston upon Hull City Council to award contracts through the Council’s procurement system in order to begin planning the construction phase. This will involve a tendering process and awarding of specific contracts.

City Care are a Project Management Consultancy Service, managing construction projects from the initial concept through to construction completion, with the added benefit of facilities management knowledge at front of mind. Their policy statement reads ‘wherever we build, irrespective of the scheme’s size, we focus on employing local companies and local people. This way, we engage respectfully with the end users of the facility from the earliest possible moment and help to leave a positive community legacy’.

Once construction begins regular updates on progress, stage by stage, will be promulgate. Once on site, construction is expected to take between 12 and 20 weeks; however, this timescale is inevitably subject to the approaching seasonal weather conditions and how long any Covid-19 restrictions will cause delays. 



The photos below show further progress by the Environment Agency of the St Andrews Retail Park Memorial site.

The bow shape of the flood defence wall can be clearly seen, ready for construction to begin within its walls.

The walkway and the staircase with railings has now been completed.





An Update: STAND’s Memorial to Lost Trawlermen on St Andrew’s Retail Park


Recently there have been a number of enquiries relating to the STAND Memorial to Lost Trawlermen asking about the status of the Project and questioning why the focal point figures were removed, where they are now and when will they be reinstalled on the St. Andrews Quay site.

In Feb 2017 STAND commissioned the trawlermen figures which were installed as Phase One: the Ceremonial Space of a two part Project. At this time there was no information from the Environment Agency that an intended flood defence wall was to be erected which would transit the Memorial site.

The EA then made it known that their work would extend over the Humber frontage from Paull to Hessle and would include St. Andrews Retail Park meaning that the Memorial site had to be cleared for this important flood defence work to take place.

This meant that all work on the Memorial Project had to cease and as a result, and at additional cost, STAND had to remove and store the figures throughout the period of the EA’s work.

During this period the original Lease of the Memorial site land expired and had to be renegotiated. This was a protracted process that again caused a loss of time.

These delays were exaggerated by the Covid-19 pandemic which initially brought the Project to a standstill. The consequences of the virus has caused materials and labour cost to rise leading to further delays and a review of costing the Project.

The current situation is that the planned work for Phase 2 of the Project, including the re-location of the focal point figures of the trawlermen, is imminent with the appointment of a contractor and the goal for completion of the Memorial site to be achieved by the end of 2021.

STAND are as frustrated as anyone that the timeframe has been affected by so many variables but unless we have a tsunami, an earthquake or WW3 the Memorial will be available for the Annual Service to Lost Trawlermen on its civic calendar date of the last Sunday in January 2022.

We thank the community for their patience and support during what has been two years of extremely difficult times.


Ron Wilkinson – STAND