Hull’s trawling history is something to sing about


Leicestershire songwriter Pete Clement has worked with St. Andrews Dock Heritage Park Action Group to write and perform seven songs reflecting aspects of the industry, the people who worked in it and the sacrifices they and their families made.

Pete commented “I may be from land-locked Leicestershire but my many visits to Hull awakened my interest in the trawlermen and their lives; I come from a long line of agricultural workers and can see the link between harvesting the land and harvesting the sea. I also received the reminiscences of ex-trawlermen which proved a real inspiration”.

Ron Wilkinson, Chairman of STAND said “The songs Pete has written take a new approach to telling the story of Hull’s fishing history and are a novel addition to the wealth of information on this website”.

To hear the songs go to Hull’s Trawling Heritage in Song on the menu bar.