The Garden of Social History

The Garden of Social History (GOSH) will be designed in the form of the deck of a trawler, culminating in the ship’s bow which will house the Memorial to Hull’s Lost Trawlermen. It will be located at St.Andrew’s Dock, an historically relevant location as it was once the home of a world renown fishing fleet, and the Garden will front the River Humber, the estuary through which the fishing fleet travelled to the Arctic fishing grounds.

Visitors will learn of Hull’s fishing heritage through the Garden’s  physical design features which are outlined below:


One of STAND’s Objectives is ” to foster the education of the public in general, but school children in particular, in the role that Hull’s Fishing Industry and Community plays in the maritime life and history of the City of Kingston upon Hull“.

The Garden of Social History (GOSH) design will feature aspects of local fishing history with an educational perspective, whilst giving important and poignant context to the existing Memorial to Hull’s Lost Trawlermen. The Garden design will tell a story behind Hull’s fishing heritage allowing all those who visit insight into the fishing industry and its inextricable links with the community. It is important that personal memories pertinent to the local community are not forgotten.

Information gathered from the educational aspects of the design will enhance the knowledge of  the younger generation who are being encouraged to explore Hull’s seafaring heritage in the School Curriculum. Field trips to the site and the website links will complement their studies.

The Memorial alone allows the people of Hull somewhere physical to remember loss, pay their respects and commemorate anniversaries of seamen who have no land based resting place. However, the GOSH will provide a more informative and appropriate setting for the Memorial, providing people with a place of personal sanctuary, remembrance and nostalgia with its design offering an opportunity to reflect on life and unexpected loss.

Draft design by Colour Urban Design Ltd

Draft design by Colour Urban Design Ltd

The Garden will be designed to accommodate visitors with all types of physical disablement, providing ramped access/exit for wheelchairs and other types of walking aids. The raised ceremonial bow space will have protective guardrails round its perimeter.

The GOSH will form an important link with other maritime features in the city; to all who visit the city a complete story of life and loss can be told, thereby highlighting the crucial role Hull’s fishing industry i.e. fishermen, shore based workers and the community played in the development of a major  world renown fishing port, namely the City of Kingston upon Hull.