Ron Wilkinson:

Born off Hessle Road prior to WW2 in July 1936 and still lives within that great community.Educated at Daltry Street, West Dock, and Eastfield Road schools. On leaving school started work as a barrow lad on the fish market, but with a brother and four brother-in-laws all fishermen I inevitably signed on my first ship ‘Loch Seaforth’ in 1952 and spent the next 25 years sailing from the Port of Hull. 

Worked through the ranks from Galley boy to Skipper in July 1973. With the decline of the fishing industry in 1977 took up a post for three years as a lecturer at the Hull Nautical Department within the Hull College of Higher/Further Education, during which time attained a City & Guilds Further Education Teachers Certificate.

In 1980 went to Saudi Arabia as a Job Skills Trainer in the Marine Department of what was then the largest oil producing company in the world – ARAMCO. Returned to employment in the U.K. in 1995 and became self employed as a taxi driver. Became a maintenance and tour guide volunteer with STAND in 2002 at the Arctic Corsair.

Joined the STAND Committee in 2002, became Treasurer in 2003, until resigning in 2014. At the 2015 STAND AGM was elected as Chairman of a new Committee.  Aspiration is for STAND to provide a fitting Memorial and Garden of Social History in memory of the many lost shipmates with whom I shared a common bond in what was the most dangerous occupation in Britain.

Vic Wheeldon :

Born 1945 in Waterloo Street, Hull, moving to Bilton Grange estate in 1951. Attended Hopewell Road Infant and Junior Schools then Maybury Road Senior School. Passed entrance exam for Boulevard Nautical School in 1958.

Left school in 1961, joining the fishing industry as  Deckie Learner, having being influenced by my father and elder brother who were both fishermen.

Gained Mates  certificate in 1967 and served with Thomas Hamlings until 1968 before moving to Hellyer Bros. Gained Skippers certificate in 1971 and promoted to Skipper in 1973.

Left the fishing industry in 1975, joining the Merchant Navy as First Mate in small cargo ships; was promoted to Captain in 1976 after gaining my Master’s Certificate.

Moved into the offshore supply industry in 1985 and retired in 2010.

Joined the STAND Committee and now hold the position of Vice Chairman.


David Bennett Bsc. Hons, MRICS (Retired):

After graduating in 1983 with an Honours degree in Urban Land Economics, have worked mainly in the public sector until taking early retirement in 2016.

Was elected as a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in 1986.

Whilst working for Kingston upon Hull City Council, helped to develop, manage and arrange planned maintenance of the Council’s extensive property portfolio in Hull and adjoining area.

During my time with Hull City Council, was involved in working with STAND to progress development of a Memorial to the Lost Trawlermen of Hull.  That involvement has continued on a

voluntary unpaid basis following retirement which led to election as a Trustee on the STAND Committee in 2015.

Steve Benson:

Born down Flinton Street, Hessle Road.  Both of my grandads were Bosuns; the rest of my family either went to sea or worked as Bobbers.

Went to Westbourne Street School then onto Sydney Smith Secondary School. 

Started work at Currys then moved to Rosens and, from there, went to work at Brigham & Cowans for two years. 

Joined the Civil Service where I stayed for 10 years then moved to Hessle and went self-employed for 15 years. 

Took up employment at a local school as a site manager until taking early retirement in December 2015 and now do casual work.

Joined the STAND Committee and also play a key role as a volunteer tour guide on the Arctic Corsair since 2013. 

Dennis Chapman:

Born in Hull into a fishing family in 1940 but my immediate family were moved to Leeds in 1943. One of six siblings, was the only one who wanted to go to sea (against my parent’s wishes).

Educated at Cross Flatts School in Leeds. Attained a City & Guilds Certificate in draftsmanship.

However, after a six month apprenticeship in a factory, left home to pursue my wish of going to sea.

Having spent most of the school holidays back in Hull, usually down on the Fish Dock, I decided to return to Hull in 1955, initially living in Harrow Street.

Went to work on trawlers for  many  years  and then became a lorry driver until retirement.

In retirement I pursued my love of art and the sea as a world wide known Marine Artist which I continue to the present day.

Having spent many years as a trawlerman, I have supported STAND from its early beginnings. In 2015 I was elected to join the Committee.

Ruth Creasey

Born in Hull and have always lived in and around Hull, except for four years spent living in London as a student. Graduated from University in 1987 with a BA Honours degree in Theology; qualified with a PGCE as a Primary School teacher in 1988.
From 1988 – 2015, taught in numerous primary schools across Hull, firstly as a full time class teacher then as a part time specialist teacher of English as an Additional Language.During this latter time, also set up and ran a successful home tuition business for 4 years.
In 2015, was asked by The Fishermen’s Mission to research, coordinate and produce an exhibition about Hull’s Fishing History and the work of The Fishermen’s Mission, to be displayed in various venues during the Year of Culture 2017 and beyond.
Was invited to join the STAND Committee in February 2017, subsequently being elected Secretary in June 2017.
I now work alongside my STAND colleagues to uphold the memory of Hull’s Lost Trawlermen, to promote Hull’s Fishing Heritage across the city and to highlight the work of STAND through, for example, fundraising and awareness events and talks/presentations to schools and local groups in the community.