Memorial Books

St.Andrew’s Memorial Books

Over a two year period, from 2000 – 2002, STAND raised funds of almost £27,000. This could not have been done without the generosity of

the general public. The funds were used to create the St. Andrew’s Memorial Books which were commissioned in 2002.

The Memorial Books, which have been beautifully scripted in a calligraphic handwriting, contain an accurate and pictorial register which records the thousands of fishermen who were lost during peacetime whilst sailing from the Port of Hull. This data does not include those lost due to the hostilities of World War One and World War Two.


In addition to the personal details of those lost, watercolour drawings and the tragic circumstances of the incidents are highlighted.

These books are exhibited in a special cabinet at Hull’s Maritime Museum, situated in Queen Victoria Square, Hull.                           

Day by day the page is turned by museum staff, to show the vessels and the men who were lost on that date.


A computerised touch screen also allows digital access to the data contained within the books.                     

The core data for these Memorial Books was researched and supplied by local researcher, the late Brian Langley.