Ron Wilkinson:

I was born off Hessle Road prior to WW2 in July 1936 and still live within that great community.Educated at Daltry Street, West Dock, and Eastfield Road schools. On leaving school I started work as a barrow lad on the fish market, but with a brother and four brother-in-laws all fishermen I inevitably signed on my first ship ‘Loch Seaforth’ in 1952 and spent the next 25 years sailing from the Port of Hull.

In 1977 I took up a post for three years as a lecturer at the Hull Nautical Department within the Hull College of Higher/Further Education.

In 1980 went to Saudi Arabia as a Job Skills Trainer in the Marine Department of what was then the largest oil producing company in the world – ARAMCO. Returned to employment in the U.K. in 1995 became self employed as a taxi driver and became a maintenance and tour guide volunteer with STAND in 2002 at the Arctic Corsair.

Joined the STAND Committee in 2002, became Treasurer in 2003, until resigning in 2014. Recently at the 2015 STAND AGM was elected as Chairman of a new Committee.  Aspiration is for STAND to provide a fitting Memorial to the many lost shipmates with whom I shared a common bond in what was the most dangerous occupation in Britain.  

Marlene Lumb:

I was born down Flinton Street Hessle Road, moved to Rugby Street, and from there moved just across Hessle Road to Ribble Street where I spent 37 years along with my husband Dave and my family.

My Dad was a fisherman, bosun, who sailed for J. Marr for most of his working life. My husband is also employed in the fishing industry as a fish filleter.

I have always supported STAND and their aim to deliver a Memorial for all the lost fishermen of Hull. I hope all our wonderful supporters realize we are still fighting as much as ever for this to happen.