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STAND – The St. Andrews Dock Heritage Park Action Group was founded in 1989 with the demise of the Hull Fishing Industry, for the purpose of maintaining the heritage of what was once the largest fishing port in the world, to provide a permanent Memorial to Hull’s Lost Trawlermen and to retain the social spirit of the Fishing Community.

From an original idea by founder member John Crimlis, who teamed up with local historian Alec Gill, they organised the first Lost Trawlermen’s Day Service and subsequently formed STAND, using the name of the old St. Andrew’s Fish Dock.


Since its inception, STAND has organized and sponsored the annual winter Memorial to Lost Trawlermen Service which commemorates the loss of hundreds of ships and thousands of trawlermen. The open air event at the traditional St. Andrew’s Dock attracts attendance of between 600 – 800 people and is organised in co-operation with the Kingston upon Hull City Council Events Team.
This event is the only time that relatives of those who were lost, can collectively pay their respects to their loved ones who never returned and have no resting place.

A summer service to all Seafarers is also held annually in July at which STAND assist the organiser, Rev. Tony Cotson, STAND’s Chaplain and Vicar of the Church of St. John the Baptist, in St. Georges Road, Hull.

The maritime attraction Arctic Corsair, Hull’s last side winder trawler berthed on the River Hull, is managed by STAND volunteers in partnership with the owners Kingston upon Hull City Council. The group provide both all year round voluntary maintenance of the Arctic Corsair and seasonal (April to Nov) tour guide personnel for this project, allowing the public to experience how life was onboard a deep sea trawler.

In addition, the Arctic Corsair has an associated shore based Visitor Centre, manned by STAND volunteers, which is an important educational tool visited by local schools, groups, and the general public. The volunteers provide invaluable social history about an industry that was once Hull’s largest employer, and highlights the role the local community played in such a successful trade.


STAND organises evenings of entertainment throughout the year. Primarily, these functions successfully raise valuable funds but just as importantly, they engage and regenerate the Community spirit.
Families associated with the Fishing Community, old friends and shipmates meet up and enjoy a night of great entertainment and nostalgia.


In 2002, through the generosity of the public, STAND raised funds of almost £27,000 to create and commission the St. Andrew’s Memorial Books Project. These books, handwritten in a calligraphic script, contain an accurate and pictorial register detailing the thousands of fishermen who were lost whilst sailing from the Port of Hull. Since completion these books have been exhibited at Hull’s Maritime Museum. The books display, day by day, the vessels and men lost on those particular dates. An integrated computerized touch screen system also allows digital access to the data.


With the many tragedies that have beset the fishing community over the years, there have always been calls for, and the need to deliver, a permanent Memorial to Hull’s Lost Trawlermen. One of STAND’s constitutional objectives commits the group to creating a fitting commemorative place worthy of those who gave their lives.

In 2003 STAND embarked on a fundraising campaign to deliver such a Memorial. In 2008 the Fund reached a significant milestone of one hundred thousand pounds (£100,000). This figure was achieved thanks to the unprecedented generosity of the general public and a campaign backed by the Hull Daily Mail.

On 6th March 2009 STAND became an Unincorporated Charitable Organisation registered with the Charity Commission # 1128457, thereby increasing their Memorial fundraising capability.

From August 2010 the stages of design and development experienced difficult times with disappointing delays leading to increased financial costs.
In June 2015, with the project entering the construction stage, measures were taken to reduce costs in order for the Project to maintain financial sustainability. The initial estimated total figure for the completion of such a project was in the region of two hundred and fifty thousand pounds (£250,000).

Due to limits attached to STAND’s unincorporated charitable status, the group cannot carry out contractual agreements in their own right therefore the Memorial Project is partly administrated and financially aided by Kingston upon Hull City Council, with contracts being negotiated by them on behalf of STAND.

In April 2014 a Memorial Funding Agreement was set up between STAND and KHCC into which STAND paid, as required, instalments of funding which allowed the scheme to progress. In June 2015 a major contribution by STAND was made into the Funding Agreement Account to be made available for the construction of the Memorial and the development of the site.

Throughout the life of the project a number of setbacks have been experienced.

The preferred Memorial site had always been located on the old Fish Dock (St. Andrew’s Dock), now a retail shopping park with its attractive frontage to the River Humber; this was the seaway through which so many trawlers transited when embarking from their home port on their trips to the Arctic Fishing Grounds.

Initially, the East end of the dock area with lock gates leading to the river was earmarked as the preferable site. Regrettably, this area was never developed and fell into disrepair over a period of four decades.

Due to Health & Safety regulations and insurance difficulties, in 2010 STAND had to seek a safer alternative location. They sought permission from the then owners of the retail park to use a river front area to the West of the original site but still within what was the old fish dock limits. This site was agreed and planning for the Memorial design and construction began. Unfortunately the retail park changed ownership three times which resulted in delays and renegotiation each time.

In addition to this, the first overall design failed to gain support of the general public due to the uninspiring memorial focal point, even though it was granted planning permission by the Hull City Council Planning Committee in 2015.

In June 2015 at the STAND AGM, and with a change of Committee, a proposal agreeing a new Memorial design competition was launched. The competition allowed the general public to register their preference, resulting in local sculptor, Peter Naylor and his design being declared the overwhelming winner.

The new design, rightly chosen by the people of Hull, designed by a local man and constructed by the local firm of W. Campbell and Son Ltd, was financed courtesy of the funds generously donated by the people of Hull.

A planning application with a new focal point design was submitted to KHCC planning on 13th May 2016. A non material amendment planning application in respect of this new design was agreed by Hull City Planning on 13th June 2016 allowing the project to move forward.

Due to necessary flood defence work by the Environment Agency along the St. Andrew’s Retail Park which includes the Memorial site, completion of the whole site has resulted in the full design being delayed.

A two phase ‘interim’ and ‘integrated’ plan is now in place.
The ‘interim’ phase has allowed STAND to carry out limited landscaping of the Remembrance area and temporarily install the pivotal (Memorial) piece.
This ceremony took place on 12th February 2017, in conjunction with the Annual Lost Trawlermen’s Day Service, at which a blessing of the Memorial Figures by the Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu, took place.

When the Environmental Agency is ready to carry out their flood defence work in 2017/18 the pivotal (Memorial) piece will to be temporarily removed. They have agreed to integrate their work into the final Memorial design at which time the figures (pivotal piece) will be replaced.
If everything goes to plan STAND aim to have the Garden of Remembrance complete with the central Memorial figures in place by late 2018.

STAND – Patron: The Right Reverend Alison White, Bishop of Hull
STAND -Patron : The Right Honourable Alan Johnson
STAND – Honorary Chaplain: Reverend Tony Cotson