About Us

STAND, was founded with the demise of the Hull fishing industry for the purpose of maintaining the heritage of what was once the largest fishing port in the world, and to retain the social spirit of the fishing community.

Following the loss of his two brothers at sea, Joseph, who was lost on the trawler Skegness in 1935, and Ronald, lost on the Kingston Cornelian in 1940, John Crimlis an ex trawler man himself, conceived the idea of an organisation to honour all trawler men lost at sea over the past century, during which Hull became the largest fishing port in the world.

In 1989 John teamed up with the historian Alec Gill and between them they decided to form an organisation using the name of the old fish dock St Andrews, calling the organisation STAND and so began St Andrews Fish Dock Heritage Group.

On 6th March 2009 STAND became an Unincorporated Charitable Organisation with the registered number 1128457

Memorial Services
STAND has since organised and sponsored the annual winter Memorial to Lost Trawlermen Service held at the traditional St. Andrews Dock.

This open air service on the old fish dock attracts between 500 – 1000 people. The event is the only time hundreds of relatives can pay their respect to loved ones who never returned and have no resting place.

A summer service to all seafarers is also held in annual in July in conjunction with the Church of St. John the Baptist, St. Georges Road, Hull.

Arctic Corsair
The maritime attraction the Arctic Corsair, Hull’s last side winder trawler berthed on the River Hull. The vessel is managed by STAND volunteers in partnership with the owners Hull City Council. The group provide voluntary maintenance and tour guide personnel for this project.

The Arctic Corsair with an associated shore based museum, are important educational facilities used by local schools, groups, and the general public. They provides invaluable social history about an Industry that was once the areas largest employer, and highlights the role the Community played in such a successful trade.

Social Evenings
STAND organises evenings of entertainment throughout the year. In the main these functions successfully raise valuable funds, but just as importantly they engage and regenerate the community spirit.

Families associated with the Fishing Community, old friends and shipmates, meet up and enjoy a night of great entertainment and nostalgia.

Memorial Books
In 2003, STAND raised funds to create the St Andrews Memorial Books Project. These books contain an accurate and pictorial register of the loss of thousands fishermen who from the port of Hull.

Since completion, these books have been exhibited at Hull’s Maritime Museum. The books are displayed to show day by day, the vessels and men lost on those particular days.

An integrated touch screen system allows computer access to the data.

Memorial to the Lost Trawlermen of Hull
With the many tragedies that beset the fishing community, there has always been calls for and the need to deliver a memorial to those lost.

In 2003 STAND embarked on a fundraising campaign to deliver such a memorial.

In February 2008, to mark the 40th anniversary of the triple trawler tragedy, an appeal was made through the Hull Daily Mail, the proceeds of which went to the Memorial Fund.

A memorial service throughout the city was held on the 5th February 2008 with a minute silence to commemorate the disaster in which fifty eight men from three vessels, the St. Romanus, Kingston Peridot and the Ross Cleveland. All lost within twenty five days of each other.

In 2009 the Fund reached a significant milestone of £100,000. This figure was achieved thanks to unprecedented generosity from the general public and some local commerce.

STAND is determined to create a fitting commemorative place worthy of those who lost their lives.

In the past, delays to bring this project to fruition have been lengthy and numerous. The original first choice site had to be abandoned due to the long term derelict condition of the east end of St. Andrews Dock.

A preferred privately owned site to the west end of St. Andrews Dock was identified. Negotiations were lengthy due to change of ownership but on Friday 13th July 2012 the lease for the site was finally signed between Hull City Council and Threadneedle, the new owners of St Andrews Quay. Phase One, the acquisition of the site is now completed and Phase Two which consists of site investigations and a design and construction competition are imminent.

The campaign to raise much needed funding continues. Finance to complete the memorial with a necessary cache for future site maintenance costs is now being addressed.

STAND’s appeal for funding has in the past been aimed primarily at the general public, whose response has been magnificent.

Current appeals are now being made to those businesses which traded lucratively within the fishing industry during the boom period.

We ask those Companies to acknowledge this link and be generous in contributing to a cause that will provide a fitting memorial to honour those who gave their lives whilst going about their daily work